For Sale! $250 each or Rental $40 each

Our Authentic Napa Wine Barrels & Bourbon Whiskey Barrels $150 each.

30' Diameter Stainless Steel Table Topper with 35" High Solid Oak Wine or Bourbon Whiskey Barrel.

 Great Permanent addtion to your home decoration,decks,wine rooms,bar and more!

For Sale $250 each. Rental $40 each. 

Bistro Wine Barrel Tables (SALE)

  • These are the garage's own Napa California Winery & Bourbon Whiskey Barrels with polished stainless steel scallop table tops. Add our marketplace 9ft. Umbrella's. Perfect for adding some fun to that outdoor or indoor theme and venue. The Barrels provide table space for beverages and culinary items. Bourbon Whiskey Barrels can also be substituted for more rustic southern design. Rental $35 or with Marketplace Umbrella's $40 each with Barrel. Add our Steel Pub Toppers $40 each with Barrel.

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